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DBS manufacturers a full line of clarifier and thickener drive units, direct “bolt-in” retrofit drives, low-speed mechanical aerators, rotary distributor center mechanisms for the water and wastewater industry. DBS replaces and/or upgrades equipment provided by Dorr Oliver, FL Smith, Eimco, Envirex, Walker Process, FMC, Denver, Peabody Wells, and others.

UBI delivers positive displacement blower packages, as well as turbo and regenerative blowers. UBI provides all the required accessories including sound enclosures and control packages. UBI also delivers sliding vane compressors

Supplier of vertically split, cast iron and cast aluminum, Multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters and associated control equipment.

Manufacturers of molded FRP Environmental Covering Systems including domes and flat covers.

ATS produces fiberglass duct for use in industries and municipal waste water treatment. The patented product provides a unique combination of flame, smoke, and corrosion resistance characteristics suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Industries include semiconductor exhaust, pharmaceutical, solar cell, and universities.

Advanced Aeration
Biological Treatment
Lagoon Systems

Biological process modeling, design & optimization
Optimal process controller for biological treatment
Aeration control design and optimization
Process-based aeration controller

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