CPE offers a complete line of high-density polyethylene pipe, fittings, fabrications and valves through 120” in diameter to serve the water, wastewater and filtration markets. We design and manufacture custom fabrications in accordance with ASTM, PPI AWWA, API and FM specifications. And our manufacturing facilities in Rochester and Albany assure on-time delivery while reducing freight costs.

Pipes, fittings and valves. Engineered to order

How We Work

We provide our customers with engineering design, CAD drawings, quality control, full pressure testing, production management and on-site service.

We manufacture quality products ahead of schedule, providing unique solutions to complex projects.

The CPE Plastic Pipe Fabrications Group can supply an array of HDPE, FRP and Thermoplastic pipe fabrications.

These specialty pipe fabrications can be mounted to manifolds, valve racks or any structural systems as well as installed in field applications.

More Piping Products

Tank-to-tank solutions, non-metallic, corrosion resistant. HDPE, FRP,  fiberglass and more. See our full line-up of piping products

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