Strong cases for CPE services

Effective maintenance. Smart system design. Efficiency and cost savings.  These are just some of the attributes of a CPE service solution.

Saving Money and Improving Performance

Expensive Stock had been falling off a paper machine due to a shaft on a chest agitator that dropped. The packing had been leaking for years.

Improving Safety with a FRP Gangway Platform

Creating a safer work environment for maintenance crews who periodically drain/clean out the debris collector tray pan on the bottom of a sludge tank.

Packaged Metering Manhole Flow Monitoring System

A dairy in Upstate NY was doing their best to send their waste to a holding tank. However, they did have cases of spills. The spills were unmetered and went directly to drain lines. The high BOD levels of the milk were causing severe issues.

New Floor at a Municipal Sewer Plant

A municipal sewer plant needed a solution for a floor in their dumpster bay. CPE ground the surface to develop a new profile, laid out lines, and saw cut the floor to create tracks for the dumpster wheels using Milamar 3300AR silicon carbide based, abrasion resistant epoxy mortar system. The remaining floor surface was coated with Milamar ICO Floor SL self-leveling epoxy and top-coated with Milamar PM 500 yellow urethane for added protection.

Worn Floor Coating Gets New Solution at a Ice Cream Production Facility

After removing material, prepping the surfaces and patching all holes and cracks, a new flooring system was used to coat this ice cream facilities worn floor.

Pedestrian Walkway

Customer was repaving their parking lot and wanted to establish a pedestrian walkway on the newly poured blacktop that would be attractive and hold up to the elements.

Replacement FRP Ball Wall System at a Wastewater Treatment Facility

Baffle wall systems can be used in several different applications for wastewater treatment plants such as to control the flow of water, increase settling time & reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS). In this case, the FRP Baffle Wall Systems were designed and approved prior to fabrication in shop and field installation at site.

Lubricups and Proper Grease Technology

See how this customer improved their operating performance by introducing Lubricups and the proper grease technology.

Upgrade of a 16” Diameter Carbon Steel Screen Effluent Pipe

A wastewater treatment facility needs an upgrade to their effluent pipe after it started to fail due to corrosive attack and buildup.


Odor Control Systems

CPE can design and install a fiberglass system to contain gases and odors associated with open top tanks and clarifiers in Waste and Waste Water treatment facilities.

New Flooring Surface Using Milamar Coatings

Customer had an aging acid brick floor in a chemical tank storage room which had become damaged from fork-truck traffic. The floor was no longer offering suitable chemical resistance.

Coating Trenches with Milamar Solutions

A leading ceiling tile manufacturer needed coatings for their trenches where paint would expel. The finished trenches have improved flow of the latex paint waste and have made the cleaning process much easier for their workers.

Improving Floor Services in Food Prep Rooms

Customer was in need of improving the floor surfaces in several food preparation rooms after they had been heavily worn. Because of this, there were serious sanitary concerns as washing down these floors may not have sufficiently removed bacteria.

AWC 442 Seal, SpiralTrac & Flow Meter

At a water pollution control facility the customer had excessive water consumption for seal flush on 3 pumps causing them to incur substantial cost.

Replacing Progressive Cavity Pumps

A large-scale municipal waste water treatment facility in Western NY State had an installed base of progressive cavity pumps for delivery sludge to the filter press. These pumps required constant maintenance and replacement parts and on an annual basis rivaled the cost of a new pump.

CC-100 Ceramic Coating – Corrosion Resistant Radiant Heat Barrier

CC-100 was utilized to reduce the ambient temperature of a vault occupied by active steam piping from 160°F to a safe working environment at 120°F.

Concrete Repair & High Performance Lining

A process drainage ditch had severely deteriorated concrete and corroded steel frame. Previous concrete patches were not effective in the acidic environment.

A.W. Chesterton Split Seal and Flush Reducing SpiralTrac Bushing

By converting from packing to a split mechanical seal and SpriralTrac bushing, a large municipal waste treatment facility is realizing an 85% reduction in water consumption.

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