We’re on it, every rotation of the way.

If it rotates, treats, seals or pumps, we can repair and re-install it. Since 1993, CPE has repaired more than 5,000 pieces of rotating equipment, from boiler feed pumps, large vertical turbine pumps, rotary lock valves, to gearboxes and clinker grinders and more. We keep it rotating, so you can keep up and running.

Industrial Pump Repairs Including:

Installation & Removal

With repair facilities in Rochester and Albany, we can remove, repair and re-install any piece of rotating equipment

OEM Standard & Certification

All processes are performed by certified technicians and are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards, and repairs are documented on a certification tag that is returned with equipment.

Mobile Repair Services

State-of-the-art laser alignment and vibration analysis equipment insure successful installation and reliable operation of plant rotating equipment

Talk To An Expert

We’re here for you. Contact us for advice, consultation, information sourcing and technical service.