CPE provides complete Predictive Maintenance Programs (PdMP) customized for your rotating equipment and facility specifications. Through on-site vibration and acoustic analysis, along with laser alignment services, our team of specialized technicians can diagnose early stages of defects, misalignment, resonance and imbalance in rotating equipment before catastrophic failure or unscheduled downtime occurs. Machine quality is improved, system efficiency boosted, maintenance costs significantly reduced. In this business, it pays to be predictable.

Predictability you can trust

CPE Predictive Maintenance Program

Maximizing the efficiency, dependability, and safety of rotating equipment.

Process Study

Rotating Equipment Health Audits

On-Site Mechanical Balancing

Acoustical Analysis

Ultrasonic Airborne & Contact Measurements

Floor Vibration Measurements

Vibration Analysis and Balancing Services

Balancing services available for all types of rotating equipment.





Paper Machines





Generator Sets

Specialized Analysis Work

Identifies rotor bar problems performed on AC induction motors while under normal load
Multi-channel and real-time analysis
Advanced analysis capabilities
Sound level analysis
Ultrasonic air leak surveys
Provision/installation of permanently mounted transducers
Provision of custom accessories

Additional Consulting Services

Fluid Flow Analysis

Custom training programs

Laser Shaft Alignment

Bearing Failure – Root Cause Analysis

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